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How to remove password and restrictions from protected PDF files in a single mouse click?

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Hi, is there a helpful and affordable PDF tool to remove password and other restrictions from some protected files? I don’t have rich computer knowledge and please show me in the simple procedure.


If you are looking for a useful PDF tool to remove the password and restriction from protected PDF file, then you can’t miss A-PDF Restrictions Remover. A-PDF Restrictions Remover is one of the popular software of A-PDF which can help users to remove password and restrictions of PDF files. With A-PDF Restrictions Remover, you can get start to remove restriction with single mouse click with ease and there are two ways for user to remove the restriction of PDF with ease. Then here we will focus on the simple method to remove password of PDF with A-PDF Restriction Remover exactly.

Step1: Run A-PDF Restriction Remover

First of all, you have to install A-PDF Restriction Remover and then open the software. After that let the software keep running in the background.

remove password and restrictions from protected PDF

Step2: Remove Password and Restrictions

Then select the PDF file and then click the right mouse button to select "Remove Restrictions" or "Remove Restrictions & Save as" to continue.

Step3: Open PDF File

Then it will remove the restrictions immediately and save as new PDF document. It will remind you once it completed. And then you can open the PDF file to continue with ease.

remove password and restrictions from protected PDF

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