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How to rich your html5 flipbook with audio?

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Does any of your flip book maker allow me to enrich the published flipbook with audio so that my readers can play the music while reading the book?


As a matter of fact, you can insert audio to the HTML5 flipbook in 3 different ways.

  • Add background sound
  • You can use A-PDF Flipbook Maker or A-PDF to Flipbook Pro to add background sound for your flipbook. And you are allowed to set the sound loops. When someone is reading the book, he can play or stop the sound with ease by clicking the "Sound On" and "Sound Off" buttons.

  • Record audio using Assistance feature
  • In the main interface, click "View" at the top left and select "Assistant".

    Then you can click "Record settings" to open "Record Audio" dialog. Now you can import audio file (MP3) from your computer directly, or you can input text in the text field to generate audio (Text to Speech) for the pages. Choose an engine and click "Generate audio".

    In addition, you can click "Option" at the bottom to define Speech settings: Auto or Manual mode.

    After you finish generating audio for all the pages, click "Apply" to apply the generated audio to your flipbook.

  • Insert audio using Page Editor
  • A-PDF to Flipbook Pro allows you to insert audio to the pages with the help of its Page Edit feature. Click the "Edit Pages" button to enter into the Page Editing interface, click the Audio icon and select an audio player to insert to the page. Then you can select one or multiple sound files to insert and define settings for the Audio Player.

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