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How to sell my flipbook online with A-PDF flip book showcase

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I am a Children story writer who composes series fairy fiction with a lot of beautiful pictures for children and sell them to make money. I found the fabulous flipbook and wanna make my books flip as well to attracted more audiences. However I wonder whether it is possible to sell my flipbooks online with the shopping cart.


As more and more professional writers are earning money from the Internet by selling their books online. For the sake of those who hope to making money from their flipbook, The A-PDF FlipBook Maker allows the users to build bookcase and sell the flipbook inside. Below tutorial will teach you how to do this.

Step 1 : Build your flipbook project with A-PDF FlipBook Maker and design the style of your flip publication.

Step 2 : Upload the flip book to FlipBook Creator online server by clicking the “Upload Online” icon. Then choose “Sell this book on BookCase”.

Step 3 : Configure the online shop settings, set your PayPal account and price of book. Then click “Ok” to confirm uploading.

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