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How to set bleed area for a PDF so I can send for printing and publishing a book directly?

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I want to publish a book and I've built the art file in PDF, however I don't know how to set bleed area for printing, any product can draw bleed area automatically?


You can try A-PDF Page Crop (free download here) to set bleed area for the PDF automatically.

1. Start A-PDF Page Crop and open the PDF file;

2. Click "Draw a crop box" button and draw the box to the PDF page;

3. Right click on the box and select "Auto Draw Bleed Box";

4. Click "Apply" button and choose page range to apply this option;

5. Click "Crop and Save as" button to choose output path, and then you will get a PDF with 3mm bleed area.

set DPI for the PDF after cropping

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