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How to set restriction to protect my flip book?

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After I upload my published flip book to my website, if I don't want others to view, share, download or print it, what can I do?


If you want to protect your flip book from being printed, downloaded, shared or viewed, you can set

permission or access authorization by encryption. Both A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here) and

A-PDF to Flipbook Pro (free download here) enable you to do so.

1. Import PDF file and enter into the custom setting interface;

2. In the left design setting panel, search for "Print Config", choose "Yes" to enable book printing, "No" to disable book printing;

3. Find out "Download Setting", choose "Yes" to enable book downloading, "No" to disable book downloading;

4. In the "Share" setting, choose "Show" to enable book sharing, "Hide" to disable book sharing;

5. Click "Options" at the top menu toolbar, choose "Flash Security", and then the flash security window will pop up. Choose "Single Password" and input the password to retain access authorization. And you can protect all pages or custom range pages from being viewed.

set permission to protect the flip book

Tips: A-PDF to Flipbook for Mac and A-PDF to Flipbook Pro for Mac also enable you to protect your created flip book from being printed, downloaded or shared, but they don't allow you to add password to protect the book from being viewed.

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