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How to set time interval for auto flip in a page turning flash book?

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I used A-PDF to Flipbook to publish a page turning book, but when I view the book in "Auto Flip" mode, it takes too long to turn a page, how can I make it flip more quickly?


A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here) allows you to flip page with auto flip mode so that you

don't have to do that manually. And in the meantime, this program also lets you to define flip interval (time period each page stays), the default interval is 3 seconds.

1. Start the program and import PDF;

2. Customize book style based on template settings;

3. Search "Auto Flip" and enable auto flip mode, set play count (times of auto flip), and define flip interval (seconds) to adjust page flipping frequency;

4. Apply change and select output form to publish flip book.

set flip interval for the flipbook in auto flip mode

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