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How to set title for the flipbook for easy online search?

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I have a lot of flip books to publish, but I don't want all the book titles as "Demo", how can I change the title?


It's very easy to change the title for the PDF flipbook. You can refer to the below steps:

1. Start A-PDF FlipBOOK Maker and create a new project and choose a PDF file to import;

2. In the Design interface, design the flip book with template, theme, scene, plugin, bookmark, bookmark tabs, background, assistant and custom settings;

3. Click "Apply Change" to save settings and then publish the flip book to Local or upload it online using Flip HTML5 Online Service:

Click "Publish" and you can set HTML title for the book if you choose HTML or ZIP format;

Click "Upload Online" and login with your registered account, then you can set title for the book.

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