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How to set zoom scale for the flip book?

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I really appreciate the Zoom function of your flip book maker, but sometimes the zoom scale is too large or too small for the content, so how can I set scale to match the book content?


Yes, our page flip programs A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here) and A-PDF to Flipbook Pro

(free download here) enable users and readers to zoom in or zoom out while view the published flip

book. Besides, if you choose Classical and Neat template while customizing flip book, you can set zoom scale for the flash book.

1. Start the program and add PDF file;

2. Choose Classical or Neat template for the flip book, and search "Zoom" configuration, enable Zoom in;

3. If you choose Classical template, you can set "times or multiple" for zoom scale; and if you choose Neat template, you can define minimum and maximum zoom proportion;

Classical Template:

define times of original size to zoom in

Neat Template:

set minimum size and maximum size to zoom in and zoom out

4. Define custom settings and output the flip book.

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