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How to skip some pages and jump to a latter page quickly while viewing a flip book?

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If my readers are not interested in the middle pages, how can they skip these pages and jump from page 1 to page 8 directly?


In fact, all of our page flip programs allow viewers skip page with ease.

1. There is a page turn menu on either the top or bottom of the flash flip book;

2. Input the page number (page number valid only when it is within the whole pages) you want to go, press "Enter", and it will turn to the page you want.

page shadow setting

In addition, you can enable readers to skip page by using thumbnail.

1. When you import PDF file, the page flip software will create a thumbnail of the PDF automatically;

2. Enable "Thumbnail Button" in the design setting;

3. When viewing the flip book, readers can click "Thumbnail" button to show the thumbnail;

4. Click on the page they want and it will turn to the wanted page.

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