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How to Split PDF into separate files based on text within PDF?

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I have a PDF file that includes pages in similar layout, i.e, they have similar content but with some differences in text; for example, the numbers or names. So do you have any utility to help me split the pages into separate PDFs based on the text? And how?


You can try A-PDF Content Splitter. This software can help you divide PDFs into smaller pieces based on text within the PDF files. It is the ideal utility for splitting invoice, report and payroll PDF documents because it allows you to set split rule using specific keywords such as invoice number, account number or name. And below I will show you how to use this content split software to split a PDF into separate files based on text.

1. After you start A-PDF Content Splitter, add a PDF or multiple PDF files in the list;

2. Select a Rule for splitting; you can use the pre-set split rules or edit new rules. For more details on how to customize the split rule, you can view the demos or pre-set rules within the software.

3. Choose output directories for the split PDF documents; you can output to the original directory or defined directory, and you can create directories for each separate PDF file.

4. Click "Split All" button to split the PDF based on text.

Besides, you can also split the PDF file using Hot Directory mode.

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