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How to upload flipbook to my FTP?

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Have you own a website/FTP? Do you want to upload flipbook to your FTP without open its application?


A-PDF Flip Book Maker (free download here) builds connection with FTP Server. With using this program, you can make flipbook from PDF and then upload it to online without open your FTP application.

About how to upload flipbook to my FTP, please follow below steps:

Firstly, we should install A-PDF FlipBook Maker program and prepare for PDF which need to convert.

Secondly, launch this program to open a new project.

Thirdly, import PDF and design with template & theme.

Finally, upload to FTP

. Click "Publish->To FTP Server" to open a dialog

How to upload flipbook to my FTP

. Input your FTP Server account info and click next

How to upload flipbook to my FTP

. Find the directory you want to upload

How to upload flipbook to my FTP

. Click "Publish"

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