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How to use Hebrew fonts in your flipbook?

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I speak Hebrew and most of my readers speak Hebrew too. So can I use Hebrew as the display language in my flipbook? And how to do this?


A-PDF Flipbook Maker will not only help you publish flash flipbooks from dull PDF files, but will also enable you to use different languages such as Hebrew as display language. In this way, you can improve the reading experience for your target audience.

Step 1: Import PDF to build a new flipbook

Click "Create New" to start a new project and import a PDF file for flipbook conversion.

Step 2: Change display language for flipbook

In the main interface, click the "Language" button under "Templates & Language" settings, and the Language Settings dialog will pop up. Click on the box before the language you want to use and set it as the default language.

And after you select a display language for the flipbook, you can preview the effect immediately.

Besides, you can choose multiple languages at the same time and you can switch between the languages with ease.

Step 3: Publish the flipbook

At last, after you complete the design for your flipbook, you can publish it in optional formats.

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