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How you show PPT relevant information in view and in context?

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What software is available for me to show PPT relevant information in view and in context?


You can use A-PDF Slide PowerPoint(free download here)to create side-by-side PPT booklets to show relevant information in view and in context:

  1. Start the program and add PPT: click "Import PowerPoint" icon to choose a presentation which you want to show two slides at one time;
  2. Choose template and define tutorial, sound settings, click "Apply Change" after settings;
  3. Output: Click "Convert to flash" button to enter into output option interface to choose a proper way (HTML, EXE, ZIP or Burn to CD ) for publishing your presentations.

If you want to publish online, just choose HTML output format, and then upload all output files (including HTML, SWF and "files" folder) to your website together.

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