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Is there a way to secure my flipbook?

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I am contacting you because one of our Government Customer is interested in your flip book software. I have use the trial version program to make a flip book from PDF. It works well at present. Now I would like to inquire about the best way to secure our flipbook. Because of their files are confidential. Only some people are allowed for reading these documents. Who can tell me the way to set these converted flipbooks as private?


We recommend you to set a password for your books with A-PDF Flip Book Maker. Actually, add password can make your book completely private and secure. This article contains a step-by-step method that you can use to make book private.

Step1: run on A-PDF Flip Book Maker software to create a new project by clicking on "Create New";

Step2: open and import your PDF document, design its appearance with template and theme;

Step3: open "Flash Control Settings->Security Settings->…", then it will pop-up a dialog, you can set a single password for all pages or specific pages in here.

Step4: click "Apply Change" to save all settings, upload your book to online, after that, when people want to view your book, they need to input the default password.

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