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Is there any program that can help me archive scanned PDF files with barcode?

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I have a lot of PDF files, and I want to separate those with barcode from them, do you have such product?


Yes, you can try A-PDF Barcode Split Service (free download here). This program can help you

split scanned files based on barcode or blank pages. With this software, you can easily archive scanned files with barcode or blank pages.

1. Start the program and add scanned files;

2. Click "Add" button to define Hot Directory settings: Monitored Directory (including sub-directory), Output Directory, Logo File Directory and Backup Directory;

3. Choose a type for the Name of Split PDF;

4. Select page type (the splitting basis): blank page or barcode page;

5. Check and define settings for blank page or barcode to make them valid so that they can be recognized by the program;

6. Choose the option for separator page: Separator page is the first page in the split part; Separator page is the last page in the split part or None (Discard separator page);

7. After all the options are set, click "OK", and start to split files based on barcode or blank pages.

split scanned PDF files based on barcode pages or blank pages

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