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Make extra sound layer for your flipbook background sound

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Can I make a layer for the background sound of flipbook? I know the details to add background sound into flipbook. This makes my flipbook more abundant and appealing. But it will be more best if I can make a layer for the sound. Is it possible? If so, please tell me how to do it. Thanks in advance!


While adding sound to flipbook with A-PDF to Flipbook Pro, you can select a layer for your background sound. There are list multiple fashion and cool audio players (different style) in software. Below is the step-by-step tutorial for adding layer to your flipbook background sound.

Step1: Import PDF document and custom a distinctive theme for flipbook;

Step2: Click "Edit Pages" to open the page edit panel;

Step3: In page edit panel, there are multi-media allowed you to add. Choose "Select Sound Player to Insert" button->draw a box in the part of the page->import your sound file by clicking on "Select Sound";

Step4: Move to the right side, you can find there are many audio players with different style. Choose one of them and custom its skin or color as you like;

Step5: Save and exit to preview the effect.

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