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Need a tool for creating a PDF with two pages per sheet from Websites or MS files?

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Is there a good tool for creating a PDF with two pages per sheet from Websites or MS files?


A-PDF Creator (free download here) is a special tool for printing documents into PDF files. Any type of documents which can be printed such as Images, Office files including Word, Excel etc, can be converted to portable PDF format. Besides this main function, you can also do many personal settings before converting, for example, you can insert properties for the files, add watermarks as you need, and you even can use the output PDF documents as attachments for mailing. So powerful, isn't it?

(Free Download) and install A-PDF Creator , the tool will be listed in your "Printers and Faxes" as the follow picture shows:

a-pdf creator printer show

Now let’s have a look at the simple procedure of creating PDF using A-PDF Creator:

a-pdf creator first three steps

a-pdf creator last step

  1. Open the file which you want to convert it into PDF format;
  2. Select the command "Print" and choose "A-PDF Creator" for printing;
  3. Click the icon "Print" to start printing;
  4. Define output folder and file name for output files;
  5. Click "Save" to complete the conversion.

In Step 4, you can do personal settings for output PDF documents in below overall view:

a-pdf creator setting for properties

a-pdf creator setting for security

a-pdf creator setting for watermark

a-pdf creator setting for open view

a-pdf creator setting for page number

a-pdf creator setting for triger program

a-pdf creator setting for auto saving

a-pdf creator setting for page layout

a-pdf creator setting for send email

At last, click "Ok" to save your settings.

Let's compare the converted PDF page with the original printable file:

a-pdf creator results

Click the download button to free download a trial version now

Download a-pdf Image to PDF


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