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Why should you convert PDF Magazine to HTML5 for website? Have you even though of this problem?


As you know, people are increasingly choosing consume their content on huge variety of systems ranging from a PC/Mac with a huge screen to a tiny mobile device, and often they want it on multiple devices.

As convert your PDF to HTML5 format flipbook, it can be easy access to different web browser or mobile device.

In this topic we’ll recommend a good html5 flipbook maker software with you guys – The A-PDF Flip Book Maker

A-PDF Flip Book Maker is great software for you to convert PDF to html5 format flipbook with stunning page turning effect. You can create life-like digital magazine in HTML5 & jQuery to works smoothly on mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet.

Below are simple steps to create HTML5 flipbook:

Step1: Register, create new project and then import PDF content;

Step2: Select template/themes and design flipbook. After import content, you can design the flipbook by apply template/theme, change background image, add functional buttons or even click the "edit pages" button to add multimedia files.

Step3: Publish to Local or Upload online.

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