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Three steps to convert PDF to html5 flipbook.

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Have lots of PDF files to convert into digital flipbook? Want makes your PDF beauty and attractive? Want your PDF Magazine easy for readers to access, to share and to view friendly?


Lucky you’re here, you’re here with A-PDF Flip Book Maker.

A-PDF Flip Book Maker is wonderful jQuery and HTML5 flipping ebook maker that allows all levels users to convert PDF, image or Office, Openoffice file to page turning book. It is not just a PDF to HTML5 Flipping ebook conversion, it also a PDF editor, a multifunctional ebook reader and a online flipbook upload tool.

You can easy to convert PDF to HTML5 Flipping eBook:

Step1: Create new Project and import content. Import content into A-PDF Flip Book Maker program, Except PDF files, Office, openoffice, image and text are also supported;

Step2: Edit and design flipbook. After import content, you can design the flipbook by choose template, change background image, add functional buttons or even click the "edit pages" button to add multimedia files.

Step3: Publish. Publish flipbook to local or upload it on A-PDF Flip Book Maker Online server.

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