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Do you have any free software that can help me publish nice flipbook for both online and offline reading?


A-PDF Flipbook Maker is a useful tool for publishing both online and offline flipbooks. With the help of this free software, you can make your eBooks available online for reading via internet, which means you will have readers from all over the world. In addition, you can create offline versions so others can read your flip books even though they don't have network.

1. Download, install & run the free flipbook maker

2. Import PDF file & customize flipbook

After you start the software, create a new project and then import a PDF file. In the main interface, choose a template and a theme for the flipbook, and you can design the book based on the template, with a lot of custom settings: background, logo, sound, buttons, scene, etc.

3. Publish online or offline flipbook

When your book is ready, you can publish the flipbook in optional formats for online (HTML , Upload Online or WordPress plugin) or offline reading (EXE, App, FBR, burn to CD or screen saver).

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