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I just purchased two copies of licenses of A-PDF FlipBOOK Maker, do you have a manual or a tutorial to guide me to create online flipbook?


FlipBook Creator is a powerful flipbook maker which enables users to create fantastic flipbooks from simple PDF documents. It has provided users with professional design settings which allow users to customize their own style of online digital magazines.

It is a really flipbook software which is affordable and cheaper. With a variety of online template, themes and scenes, users can select their favoriate template and theme online and appy them to their digital magazine.

FlipBook Creator enables users to create digital magazine, online digital album, wedding flipbook, product brochure, ebooks, catalogs, reports and so on. It is available in standard and professional version.

Here are the detailed steps for users to convert PDF to flipbook:

Step1: Start FlipBook Creator.

Launch FlipBook Creator from the Desktop and start to import PDF document.

Step 2: Select templates and themes

After importing pdf document, please choose the suitable template and theme. User can also download more template, theme and scenes online.

Step 3: Design Settings.

With a number of design settings, users can customize different styles of flipbooks.

Step 4: Digital magazine pulishing.

Click the button of “Publish” to publish flipbook or upload it online.

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