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Why you need a Table of Contents for your Flip e-publication?

In the Digital age, many self-publishing writers question the value of the "Table of Contents". They thought with digital bookmarking and keyword search functions, there is no reason to use table of content.

We I have to say you not only need a Table of Content, but should start with a Table of Content. Here are Values of Table of Content:

  • 1. Ease of navigation;
  • 2. Readers judge your flipbook by your Table of Content;
  • 3. Agents and publishers judge your flipbook by your Table of Content;
  • 4. The Table of Content is a good guide for your own writing.

How to always show Table of Content by A-PDF to Flipbook program?

Step1: Run of A-PDF to Flipbook program and import PDFs from your computer for conversion;

Step2: Choice Classical template from flash templates resource

Step3: Find our Bookmark bar in Design Setting panel, Select "true" option in Always Show Bookmark. You can customize the Font color, background color and Background alpha of bookmark; you can also define the bookmark position right or left.

Step4: Click "Apply Change" button, you will see the Table of Content is always show on your flipbook.

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