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What is Initial Show configuration used for while creating flipping book?

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Can you tell me what "Initial Show" can do in the flash flip book?


When you use A-PDF to Flipbook (free download here) to publish digital page turn book, you will see "Initial Show" in the design settings panel. "Initial Show" setting will enable you to show bookmark or thumbnail to the left of the flash flip book when the book is opened. But this setting is only available in Float and Spread template.

1. Import PDF document to the program and choose Float or Spread template;

2. Search for "Initial Show" in the search box. Click the option button and you will see three options: None, Bookmark and Thumbnails. Choose one that you want to show as soon as the flash book is opened;

3. Customize the flipping book with different settings and output the flip book in defined format.

Set thumbnail as initial show:

set initial show as thumbnail or table of contents

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