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Where to select Call JavaScript Function Action Type?

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According to your introduction on the website and other article, you said I can open a new window with calling JavaScript. And I just can’t find that functions. Is it true or not for me to open a new window with call JavaScript function? Anyway, just show me step by step so that I can understand in minutes.


A-PDF to FlipBook Pro is awesome enough for users to add wonderful common used objects on the flip page. After inserting the multimedia elements on flip page, you can continue to customizing them such as name, size, Hint and Action Options. Call JavaScript Function to open a new window is one of the options. However, before you add JavaScript Function on flash page, you have to add a multimedia element in advanced. Here we will take inserting link for example.

Step1: Launch Program and Add PDF file. Download the Software, install and run to go to the users interface and then click "Create New" to add PDF file.

Step2: Move to Flip Book Editor. Click "Edit Page" to Flip Book Editor and click a button to insert object such as link.

Step3: Select "Call JavaScript Function". Insert the link on flip page and click "Action Option" on right side. Then pick up "Call JavaScript Function" from "Action Type" and write down the function.

Step4: Check Call JavaScript to open a window. Click "OK" to save the change and exit the edit page. Refresh the flip book and click on the link to check the new window.

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