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Why can't A-PDF Barcode Split Service recognize my scanned PDF files?

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When I used A-PDF Barcode Split Service to split scanned files, it failed to recognize the file, why is that?


This might be because there is not barcode page or blank page in you scanned PDF files, and

A-PDF Barcode Split Service (free download here) can't recognize files without barcode page or

blank page. To solve this problem, you need to adjust some settings to enable your scanned files to be recognized.

1. While selecting splitting basis (blank page or barcode page), click "Setting" button following;

2. If you choose "Blank", you will see the below window, follow the instructions below:

split scanned PDF files based on barcode pages or blank pages
(1) Select a test document that is blank (more than 100 DPI, Color 16 bit or Grayscale 8 bit).

(2) Adjust the testing parameter: Black/white value (1~255) and Threshold value (0.00001~0.1).

(3) Look out at the test result and see if it is recognized. 3. If you choose "Barcode", the Barcode Page Params Window will pop up:

split scanned PDF files based on barcode pages or blank pages

(1) Choose a test document that includes barcode.

(2) Adjust the parameter Confidence Threshold (0.7~0.9) and Barcode Search Granularity (5~100) till barcode is found.

(3) Select barcode type.

(4) Look out at the test result to see whether the page is recognized or not.

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