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Why can't I add logo for the flipbook with A-PDF to Flipbook?

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I want to add my corporate logo to the flash flip book, but I could not find the logo option in the setting panel, can you tell me if this product allows me to add logo?


Yes, A-PDF to Flipbook free download here does allow you to add logo to the flip book. The

reason why you failed to add logo for the flash flipping book might be that you chose "Classical" or "Spread" as flip book template. However, very unfortunately, only "Float" and "Neat" templates enable you to add logo for the page turn book.

1. Start the program and import PDF file;

2. Choose either "Float" or "Neat" as book template;

3. Customize configurable settings for the flip book;

4. Choose output type to publish flipbook with your logo branded.

PS: 1. If you use "Float" and "Neat" as template, you can also add logo URL to link to your website easily.

2. If you choose "Float" template, you can set book title for the flip book.

Float Template:

float template allows you to add logo, logo URL and book title

Neat Template:

neat template allows you to add logo and logo URL

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