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Why do we need N-up Page software?

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Hi, I want to make a wonderful booklet. And now my problem is I can’t find a way to make several PDF pages show in single page of my booklet. Is there an easy-to-use PDF tool to make it work?


If you are a publisher or editor, then you may need to make several PDF pages show in single page for reading conveniently. As we know that, PDF file is not easy to edit and compose. In this case, if you get a really wonderful PDF composing tool, it will save your much time. A-PDF N-up Page provides an easy way for users to compose several PDF pages into single page with ease. In addition, A-PDF N-up page allows users to customize print mode and page layout for print well and look good simply.

Step1: Add PDF or PDF Folder

Double click download file to run A-PDF N-up page. And then click add button to import PDF file to continue. Anyway, A-PDF N-up Page support to import PDF folder as well.

Why do we need N-up Page software?

Step2: N-UP Page Settings and Extend Page Settings

And then you can continue to customize n-up page settings such as u-up mode, print mode and page layout settings. Then extend page settings contains gutter, margin, barcode and other settings.

Why do we need N-up Page software?

Step3: N-up Page PDF File

Before you start to make n-up page, you can customize the page size, page range and page rotate settings by pressing "Setting" button. And then you can click "N-up page" button to continue.

Why do we need N-up Page software?

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