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Will Electronic Books replace Printed Books?

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Why people more likely electronic books than printed books? Will Electronic books replace printed books?


An ebook is an electronic book presented in a digital format. It is a book display content on computer or mobile or tablet. Except for viewing, there are always provides some buttons for convenient reading. Then, will electronic books replace printed books? We are still not conclusive about it. Even so, it is believed that it will not replace the traditional book in the near feature.

Here, I analysis some advantage of electronic book:

1. Easy to carry: you can carry a whole library in a mobile phone or tablet;

2. Low cost: therefore, the small press can compete with media giant;

3. Improve reading: people spent more time on the screen, and less time in front of the printed book;

4. Environmental protection: e-books save trees, reduce the number of old paper books have dug a pit backfill, save transportation costs and reduce shipping books across the country or around the world environmental pollution problems;

5. E-book is quicker than the production of paper books, let the reader quickly know about current issues.

Will Electronic Books replace Printed Books?

The popular ebook format is PDF. To make PDF more fashion, we can convert it to flipbook with Flip Book Maker (free download here) is a powerful tool not only helps you create flipbook from PDF, but also provides pre-designed themes and scenes for you to design.

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