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box of Flash Package BuilderA-PDF Flash Package Builder is a fast desktop utility program that lets you create professional Windows executable file (.EXE) from flash (SWF) or flash video (FLV) formats. You can customize your flash executable files to playback your flash and flash videos in the best way, and protect them from being used.

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How does it work

How A-PDF Flash Package Builder Work

Why A-PDF Flash Package Builder

The flash (SWF) and flash video (FLV) file format is designed to run on a web browser on the Internet and the projector file is a standalone application which makes your movies viewable without using a browser. So if you want to share our favorite Flash movies or game without the web browser, we need to delivery them in .exe format. One obvious benefit of using a projector is that projectors will work even if no Flash player is installed on your operating system.

A-PDF Flash Package Builder generates encrypted Flash Projector file in .EXE format. It means it is very hard to extract the original .swf file from the encrypted .exe file. It protect your movie from the exe2swf and decompiler tools.


The complete set of A-PDF Flash Package Builder features include

  1. Package the published output with full application installer for easy deployment.
  2. Supports custom icon.
  3. Custom player window size AND full screen mode.
  4. Up to 60% compression ratio.
  5. Save and restore executable file settings with projects..
  6. Customize built-in flash player interface.
  7. Protect your flash and flash videos from being saved to local drivers.

Save Time

  • Customize look and feel and publish your Flash Package!
  • Easy to learn and operate.

Save Money

A-PDF Flash Package Builder is a standalone program costing only $27.

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only $27.   Free download trial version

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Current version 1.3.0


30 day money back guarantee


Requirement: Windows


work with vista