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About 3 years ago, F-i.com and the Google Chrome team worked together on an HTML5-based educational web application known as 20 Things I Learned about Browsers and also the Web (www.20thingsilearned.com). Among the key ideas behind this project was it would best be presented in the context of a book. Because the content in book is greatly about open internet technologies we felt it was vital to remain in keeping with that by looking into making the container itself a good example of what these technologies let us accomplish today.

We made the decision that the easiest method to attain the sense of a real life book would be to simulate the great factor of the analogue reading experience while still using the advantages of digital realm in areas for example navigation. Lots of effort entered the graphical and interactive management of the reading through flow - especially the way the pages from the books switch in one page to a different.

Flipbook Brochures Creator for HTML5 is such a flipbook creator that aiming to make you experience both the advantage of digital reading and the navigation of traditional paper reading. This page flip software enables you to easily convert your PDF files into html5-based page flipping magazine, catalog and booklet. Then the created publication can be posted online.

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