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April Fool’s Day is actually probably the most irrational holidays should you really consider it, but that doesn’t prevent being hugely entertaining for many people. In the other days are you able to get a lot of famous caricature cartoonists to swap jobs temporarily?

Someone makes a listing of some good April Fool’s pranks, including some good ones that anyone can do, in addition to some that you simply can’t do unless of course you are David Letterman. And here are a few of the faves.

Pranks on their computer

Simple PC pranks are usually my faves because they’re relatively simple to realize, specifically for a nerd much like me. Creating a fake, completely useless desktop was one I acquired lots of mileage from when I was young.

Annoy out of them

I’m certainly the man who hesitates to perform a prank that may really hurt or humiliate the prankee, however I don't have any trouble with annoying them just a little. For that, you will find lots of handy tools, including a tiny noise maker. Turn it on, and hide it somewhere and laugh because the incessant beeping drives somebody insane.

Making embarrassing album

Do you want to prank your friends by reminding them of their embarrassing history? You should try to collect all the funny photos you can find and note them with interesting lines to make a PDF file. Then with Flipbook Converter for Mac, you can turn your PDF into animated and attractive page flipping book to share with your friends online/offline. This flip book maker for mac is especially designed for Apple computer, you can run it on any Mac PC.

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