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A-PDF INFO Changer Command Line

A-PDF INFO Changer Command Line(APICCMD.exe) is a windows console utilty for showing and changing properties of PDF files, includes Author, Title, Subject, Keywords, Custom properties etc. APICCMD.exe is a standalone program, does *NOT* need Adobe Acrobat. A trial version for A-PDF INFO Changer Command Line is NOT available, but you can download the GUI version for free.

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APICCMD <File name> [-Aauthor] [-Ttitle] [-Ssubject] [-Kkeywords]
                    [-Ccreator] [-Gproducer] [-U"Name 1"="Value 1"
                    [-U"Name 2"="Value 2"]] [-P<setting>][-OOutput file] 
                    [-Q] [-V]

  -Aauthor            Specifies the author to change
  -Ttilte             Specifies the title to change
  -SSubject           Specifies the subject to change
  -Kkeywords          Specifies the keyword to change
  -Ccreator           Specifies the creator to change
  -Gproducer          Specifies the producer to change
  -U"name"="Value"    Specifies custom field, if value is null, the property
                      will be deleted
  -P<setting>         Option for viewer preferences. The <setting> is a quote
                      string, an example is: "OPENSHOW=bookmark,OPENPAGE=5".
                      setting syntax: KEY=VALUE, every setting split by comma.
                      Available keys:
                        OPENSHOW: Which panes and tabs are displayed in the
                                  application window by default. Available 
                                  values are Page,Bookmark,Thumbnail. 
                                  Default is: Page.
                        ZOOM: Sets the zoom level the document will appear at
                              when opened. The value range is -1,-2 and
                              1 to 1600.
                                -1 means fit window
                                -2 means fit width
                              other value means percent. 100 means 100%, actual
                        OPENPAGE: Sets the page that the document opens at.
                                  Default is 1.
                        WINDOWRESIZE: Adjusts the document window to fit snugly
                                      around the opening page. Values are: Y,N
                        WINDOWCENTER: Positions the window in the center of the
                                      screen area. Values are: Y,N
                        WINDOWFULLSCREEN: Maximizes the document window and 
                                          displays the document without the 
                                          menu bar, toolbar or window 
                                          controls. Values are: Y,N
                        HIDEMENU: Hides the menu of interface. Values are: Y,N
                        HIDETOOLBAR: Hides the toolbar of interface. 
                                     Values are: Y,N
                        HIDEWINDOWCONTROLS: Hides the window controls of 
                                            interface. Values are: Y,N
  -OOutput file       Output the information into oupput file
  -Q                  Quiet, no output showes in screen
  -V                  Output the information to CSV format
  Show the informations only:
      APICCMD c:\pdfs\example.pdf

  Clear the informations of keywords:
      APICCMD c:\pdfs\example.pdf -K

  Set title and author for PDF file:
      APICCMD c:\pdfs\example.pdf -A"[email protected]" -T"The great tool"
  Set open page for PDF file:
      APICCMD c:\pdfs\example.pdf -P"OPENPAGE=3"

Return Code:
  0: End successfully.
  1: Parameter error.
  2: File open error.
  3: File Save error.
  4: Output information error.
  9: Unknown exception.



A-PDF Info Changer command line screenshot

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