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Requirement: Windows 98/NT4/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8


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Google do some LOGO and demonstrates based on HTML5 to let our heart itch. And some classical games such as "Cut the rope" and Bejeweled have been developed to webpage game based on HTML5. But in respect of mobile application, due to Web App break through the tradition Native App environment and release restrictions, whether it is Android or iOS, you can be allowed to use HTML5 as long as the browse support.

Compare to the PC version, Mobile phone application HTML5 is more rich and more being good. You can direct play games on any mobile phone browse, because it break through the limit of iOS and different version of Android, cross-platform mobile phone application. Amazing it is, right?

At this time, we should do some improvement of flipbook, so as to make it compatible for HTML5. Page Flipping book for HTML5 is the page flip software to make flipbook which compatible with HTML5. Just do the conversion to make your elegant flash flipbook and publish it online. After that, people will not limit to read the book in any mobile phone online. Now use Page Flipping book for HTML5 to create the HTML5 magazine, brochure, product catalog, photo flipbook for convenient reading on any mobile phone.

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