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pdf to flashbook for ipad


Requirement: Windows 98/NT4/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8


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Do you worry about the paper that you have wasted? In your Office, you have hundreds and thousands files need to be printed that would be a kind of waste and harmful to the environment. When you use PDF to Flashbook for iPad, it would helps you ont only make the files clearly and formally, it will also helps yoou to save lots of paper that would save your money.

When people use the flipbook software, they can make more vivid files and with double pages to show to readers. In a company, every file is important, with flash flipping book, the employees can only read, but they cannot revise which is safety to the original files. If someone want to revise, they should revise from the PDF files, so it is totally safe ware for company. If you start the software, make a PDF and convert pdf to flipbook in this software.


1. Real page turning effect with double pages show;

2. Different templates and themes for designing the book;

3. Audio assistant for each page to introduce;

4. Various formats for you to choose that is convenient for viewing.

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