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Are you a member that supports environmental protection? So do you ever worry about the wasting of the trees? People always asking people do not use the throwaway chopsticks, well, it is not every country is using chopsticks. But every company in every country would never stop using papers. Today, I suggest people to use less paper in your daily life with the Then with PDF to Flip Book Maker for Mac, you can do it!

PDF to Flip Book Maker for Mac is really efficient converters that is specialized for Mac, which means you can use the software on your Mac to do the environmental things. you can make files with the software so that you do not need to print every pages at all. The button bar in the flipping book would allows you to download the flipping book. So when you have meeting, you can upload the flipping files to your server, and everyone can download to view without revising! With such flipbook software mac, the meeting seems easier.


1. View the flash book on PC and Mac;

2. Read the book by the audio assistant;

3. Beatify the flipping book ont only with images but also sound;

4. Zoom in to detail reading, double pages for entire reading!

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