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pdf to flipbook for ipad


Requirement: Windows 98/NT4/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8


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The quality of your presentation always shows your attitude stealthily. Well, the PDF to Flipbook for iPad is advanced presentation maker that will convert PDF into stunning and wonderful page flipping flash digital books and for you to convenient carrying.

Many trade company need to make product brochure to show customers the latest products of their company. With such flipping book brochure, we can more easily get the attention of the customers than other competitors. And the software is simple to handle, so that you can make the product brochures by yourself, you can better show the advantages of your own products in the amazing flipping book brochure.


1. Audio robot in the software to record introductions for each page;

2. Import bookmark from original PDF files;

3. Batch convert PDF files from different folders;

4. Customize the flipping book with background settings.

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