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Photo Touch

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Photo Touch is a photo editing software for digital photo optimizing. This software enables you to touch up your digital photos fast. Everything is so simple you never need to read a manual – after you point and shoot just click and go.


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How Photo Touch work

Why Photo Touch

Many people buy big expensive camcorders but still shoot all their videos with their phone or point-and-shoot camera. Photo editing software is similar – you may have a powerful graphics editor but most of the time you'll find yourself using just a couple of functions.

Photo Touch doesn't try to replace major graphics programs. It just gives you everything you need when you want results fast.

Instant Optimize function

You'll love this if you've ever struggled with all the complicated settings in a graphics editor. Just select a photo and click Optimize. Suddenly a dull photo starts to shine. There's nothing to configure, you really just select and click. The results look attractive and natural, not artificially boosted. You can also optimize all your photos with a single click; it's just as easy as a single photo.

Red eye correction

Correcting the dreaded red eye effect in flash photos is just as easy: Just roughly select the part of the photo containing the red eyes and click, Photo Touch does all the rest. You don’t have to make a precise selection; the red area is found and corrected automatically. Here too, the result looks attractively natural and you get it instantly, without having to spend hours studying a manual.

Rotate, brightness, contrast and effects

Click once to rotate photos that are on their sides. Adjust brightness and contrast with simple sliders. Convert your photos to graphic black-and-white or sepia or invert the colors, all with a single click. Instant preview, instant results - and just click on Undo if you change your mind.

Features at a glance

  • Instant Optimize function makes dull photos shine.
  • Optimize all your photos with a single click.
  • Select and click red eye removal.
  • One-click image rotation.
  • Convert to black-and-white, sepia and inverted.
  • Easy brightness and contrast sliders.
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Current version 1.1.0


30 day money back guarantee


Requirement: Windows 98/NT4/Me/2000/XP/Vista

work with vista