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A-PDF Restrictions Remover Command Line

A-PDF Restrictions Remover Command Line(PRCMD) is a windows console utility that removes the password and restrictions of PDF files. PRCMD is a standalone program; it does not need Adobe Acrobat. A trial version for PMCMD is NOT available. If you want to try its functions, please refer to GUI verison.

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PRCMD <input file name> [<output file name>] [-P<password>]

<input file name>:  Specifies encrypted PDF file name.
<output file name>: Specifies output PDF file name. If the file name does not 
                    be specified, the output file will save to 
                    <input file name>
-P :                Specifies open password if needed.


Remove restrictions of file c:\pdf\encrypted.pdf
  PRCMD c:\pdf\encrypted.pdf

Remove open password of file c:\pdf\open-password.pdf and save to file 
c:\pdf\no-password.pdf. The password of file open-password.pdf is "pass123".
  PRCMD c:\pdf\open-password.pdf c:\pdf\no-password.pdf -Ppass123

  0: Remove successful
  1: The file has no restrictions
  2: Open password error
  3: Save file failed
  4: Open input file failed
  5: Remove failed
  6: Reserved
  7: Unsupported encrypted method

  97: Parameters' wrong
  98: Expired
  99: Unexpected error


I need to effectively remove the permissions on all pdf files within a set folder and any sub folders, do you know if its possible to do this with this version?

Here is an example of batch searching all pdf files in a particular folder and removing their permissions:

REM ================================================
Set PRCMD="c:\prcmd\prcmd.exe"
Set PDFFilter=*.pdf
Set PDFDIR=c:\pdfs

for  %%1 in (%PDFFilter%)do %PRCMD% "%%1"
REM ================================================

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