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A-PDF Text Extractor Command Line

A-PDF Text Extractor Command line (PTCMD) is a Windows console utility that extracts plan text from PDF files based on pages. PTCMD is a standalone program. It does not need Adobe Acrobat. A trial version for PTCMD is NOT available, but you can download the free GUI version here.

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PTCMD <Source> [<Output File>] [Options]

  <Source>: The PDF file to be extract.
  <Output File>: The output text file.
  -W<password>              : Password of the pdf file if application.
  -B<BeginPage> and -E<EndPage>: Range of page number.
  -P<Extract option>        : Select to extract only odd pages or even pages 
                              or all pages. Default is All. Options available:
                                All, Odd, Even
  -H<Header> and -F<Footer> : Some special variants can be put at Header or 
                              Footer area of every page to display page 
                              information. Following are the variants:
                              &p        Current page number
                              &a        All page count
                              &f        PDF file name with full path.
                                        Such as c:\pdfs\my.pdf
                              &n        PDF file name. Such as my.pdf
                              &d        Extracting date
  -O<Output type>           : Output type can be used in different situation.
Original: Follow the inner order of PDF files.
Smart: Rearrange text based on the position.
Position: output text with positions. Format:
The unit of X,Y is point(1/72 inch) -T : Output the text extracted into screen, not file. Return Code: 0: Extract successfully. 1: Extract failed. 2: Parameters error. 3: Source file not found. 4: Load source file error. 5: Output file error. 6: Decrypt source failed. EXAMPLES: PTCMD my.pdf PTCMD c:\pdfs\my.pdf c:\pdfs\out.txt -W"P@ssw0rd" -B4 -E20 -Peven PTCMD "c:\pdfs\my.pdf" -H" http://a-pdf.com" -F" =Page&p="

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