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A-PDf Watermark Command Line

A-PDF Watermark Command line (PWMCMD) is a Windows console utility that applies the pre-made watermarks to the PDF file. The watermarks can be created and edited by A-PDF Watermark (GUI). The PWMCMD is included in the download package already. You can find it at the installation directory, generally, it is located in C:\program files\A-PDF Watermark.


PWMCMD <Input File> [-S<Password>] <Watermarks> [-O<Output File Name>]

 Input File:     Source PDF file.
 -S:             Password of source PDF file if application.
 Watermarks:     A list of watermark name. All watermark can be list using the
                 -List command.
 -O:             Output PDF file, if it is not specified, the output file will
                 be same as the input file.

   PWMCMD c:\pdfs\doc.pdf "Text - FINAL"
   PWMCMD c:\pdfs\doc.pdf "FINAL" "Com Logo" -O"c:\pdfs\out.pdf"

 -List:          List all watermark currently. 

Return code:
 0: Success
 2: Input file does not exist
 3: Load input file failed
 4: Output file path not exists
 5: Some watermark not found
 6: No watermark list
 7: Create output file failed
 8: Load watermark list failed

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