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PDF Cropper for iPad

PDF Cropper for iPad(A-PDF Page Crop)makes it possible for you to read PDF in iPad. You can use it to crop or remove the margin to suit for the smaller screen of iPad in size. Then you will not worry about the problem that your PDF can not display in iPad.

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Why PDF Cropper for iPad

  • Useful and very convenient.
  • Possible to import/ export rule.
  • Auto add crop box.

With the help of PDF Cropper for iPad, it is very convenient to crop pages into more pages to meet the size of iPad. You can manually crop your PDF files to any customize size or automatically add crop box to crop it.

Of course, you can decide how your PDF files to be crop. In other words, you can import or export rules for your PDF files.

Besides, there are three boxes that allows automatically add as crop mark:

  • Bleed box.
  • Trim box.
  • Art box.

PDF Cropper for iPad will be your valuable assistant in that it provides the easy and fast way to crop PDF for iPad. The only thing you need to do is add crop marks and click to save the change. More importantly, you can apply different crop rules to different pages.

When you want to crop PDF for iPad on your own, PDF Cropper for iPad is your best choice for the reason that it not only can crop a great number of PDF files without minutes, but also saves money for you.

buy now   download free
only $35   Free download trial version

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