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A-PDF Deskew provides a quick way to batch correct the skew in scanned images from Acrobat PDF documents or TIFF files. It detects tilted images and straightens them automatically.

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How does it work

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A-PDF Deskew opens a PDF/TIFF file and automatically checks if images inside are skewed, then corrects the skewed images using a special algorithm.

Please Note: A-PDF Deskew works only with the scanned text-print image. Other images such a picture or photo may cause error.

Why A-PDF Deskew

Easy to use

The program is designed for ease of use:

  1. Select the PDF/TIFF files which have skewed scanned images
  2. Click "Deskew" or "Deskew and Save as".

That's all.

Import and export

As well as time-saving by allowing you to create an 'import' list for frequently used sets of documents to which you want to add specific additional PDFs or TIff images to be deskew.

Save Time

  • Handles a batch of files at one time.
  • Process is totally automatic.
  • Uses optimized algorithms to speed the processing.

Save Money

A-PDF Deskew is a standalone program costing only $27. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars.


A-PDF Deskew Command Line

A-PDF Deskew Command line (pdfdwcmd.exe) is a Windows console utility that Deskew the PDF or Tiff file. The pdfdwcmd.exe is included in the download package already. You can find it at the installation directory, generally, it is located in C:\program files\A-PDF Deskew.


PDFDWCMD.exe <input pdf> <output pdf> [-S<password>] 
             [-R<page range>] [-A<Angle range>] 
             [-W<Neglect Width>] [-H<Neglect Height>] 
             [-Q<JEPG Quality>]

 Input File: Source PDF or Tiff file.
 [-S<password>]: Password of source PDF file if application.
 Output PDF: Output PDF file, if  not specified, the 
             output file will be same as the input file.
 [-R<page range>]: Sample 1,2,5-10. Default(null) is all
 [-A<Angle range>]:Deskew Angle in degrees.
 [-W<Neglect Width>]: Image width less then the value will 
                      be neglected.
 [-H<neglect Height>]:Image heigh less then the value will 
                      be neglected.
 [-Q<JEPG Quality>]: Default is 85.

 pdfdwcmd "C:\pdfs\source.pdf" "C:\pdfs\destination.pdf" 
          -S"123" -A30 -H500 -W400 -Q90
 pdfdwcmd "C:\tiffs\source.tiff" "C:\tiffs\destination.tiff" 
          -A30 -H500 -W400 -Q90
 note: "123" is a password for Source PDF\tiff file 

Return code:
 0: Success
 2: Input file does not exist
 3: Create output dir failed
 4: Load PDF\Tiff error
 5: Invalided Password
 6: Non-support Security
 7: Create output file failed
 8: Can not save to output file


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Current version 3.5.3


30 day money back guarantee


Requirement: Windows


work with vista