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Can't convert PDF documents of bank statements into CSV files?

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Is there any easy software to convert PDF documents of bank statements into CSV files?


PDF is a format that is independent of hardware, software or operating system, and PDF files have great security features that do not allow just anyone to edit them, and this feature is especially liked by people publishing legal document and research papers on the Internet. However, sometimes users probably want to get hold on data that is provided in PDF format.

So, how to extract important information held in column and rows and retain the original layouts? And how to easily recalculate numbers or re-order the information in PDF files without manually re-typing?

You can use A-PDF To Excel (free download here) to convert PDF documents as bank statements into XLS or CSV format.

Now, the tutorial below explains how to use A-PDF Content Splitter with ease:

  1. Free download and install A-PDF To Excel, operate Pdfpte.exe, the first step is to open a PDF document to be converted:
  2. a-pdf to excel open

  3. Edit on your opened PDF file: Add a table to PDF, Draw vertical lines to table, Remove vertical lines from table, and Remove the table…
  4. a-pdf to excel edit

  5. After editing on original PDF document, if the file contains two or more pages, you can apply current page table settings to other pages or set individually. Then click “Extract to Excel” and choose a format as CSV or Excel for the output file.
  6. a-pdf to excel apply

    a-pdf to excel convert

    Choose “Yes” in the Message Box: Finished extracting data from PDF to Excel, open it? Let’s compare the two files:
    The original PDF:

    a-pdf to excel demo pdf

    The spreadsheet which converted from the PDF:

    a-pdf to excel demo excel

    The new file conserve the structure and content of original file, and you can manage, edit, collect or calculate the data extracted from PDF documents.

Click the download button to free download a trial version now

Download a-pdf Image to PDF


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