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How can I watermark different addresses on PDFs and auto email?

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Is there an easy way for me to watermark different addresses on a same PDF file and send out the files at the same time?


You can use A-PDF Mailer (free download here) to carry out your requirement.

This Email program stamps PDF file with unique information and then send out the files individually.

Just follow the easy steps below:

  1. Open Excel File with email addresses listed;
  2. Input Email Subject and Email Body, click "Insert Value" to use data extracted from spreadsheet directly;
  3. Click "Setting" button to edit watermark with addresses extracted from Excel, save it (you can click "Email Setting" to select Email Server);
  4. Add PDF attachment, then click "Edit" icon beside the PDF to check designed watermark;
  5. Click "Batch Send Mail" button to email unique stamped PDF files immediately.

Video Tutorial


This Image tutorial will give you an overview of the procedure how easy to use this product!

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