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How do you batch move same prefix PDF files?

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I have many PDF files to be managed, they are prefixed different month, for example "Jan-", "Feb-", "Mar-" and so on. How can I put same prefixed PDF files to the same folder? And those folders are named with the prefixes could be better.


To batch move PDF files automatically, you can try A-PDF Rename (free download here).

Very easy to use as below shows:

  1. Add PDF Documents: select "File->Add Folder" to add all files in your folder to the list;
  2. Click "Advanced" in "Rename Method" panel, and input script as below:
  3. Click "Preview" icon, you can see the renamed results with new folder added, just like below image shows:

    a-pdf rename move files

  4. Click "Rename" icon, you will get all PDF files moved to corresponding folders automatically.

View video tutorial here:



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