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How to convert multiple PDFs to a single TIFF using command line?

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Is there any converter helping to convert multiple PDF files to a single TIFF file with ease? If the converter supports Command Line use could be bettter.


The smart converter A-PDF To Image (free download here) enables you to use Command Line for converting PDF to Image.

This PDF to Image converter provides three different converting mode, Batch Convert Mode, Hot Directory Mode and Command Line Mode.

Use command line as below usage shows:

Pdfpti.exe [input PDF file] [output Path]

"C:\Program Files\A-PDF To Image\Pdfpti.exe" "c:\Scanned.pdf" "c:\output\"

Note: You must close A-PDF To Image GUI program Before using.
The output folder "c:\output\" must exists!
GhostScript must be installed in your computer.

Video Tutorial


This web tutorial will give you an overview of the procedure how easy to use this product!

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