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How to convert PDF to Excel and set Excel layout by using A-PDF to Excel?

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Hey, I have to edit some data in the PDF file. But it can’t be edited, is there an easy-to-use tool to convert PDF to excel? Can I customize its layout? Please show me the solution.


As we know that PDF is one of stable file formats in the world. If you would like to edit the table in the PDF file, then you may have to convert it into editable file such as Word and Excel. A-PDF to Excel is a useful PDF tool for converting PDF into excel file in order to edit the table content in the PDF file with ease. With A-PDF to Excel, on one hand, only three steps to convert PDF into excel; on the other hand, you are able to set excel layout with ease. Now follow our steps to learn to convert PDF to excel by A-PDF to Excel.

Step1: Add PDF File

Open A-PDF to Excel and then click add button to add PDF file with ease. And then you can go ahead to select the page, make the page fit to the window or zoom in and zoom out the page.

convert PDF to Excel

Step2: Customize Excel Layout

Now move to customize the layout of excel file. First of all, draw a table on the content of PDF file, and then draw split line in the table or remove or delete the table with ease. If you split or remove the line by mistake, then click undo or redo button to go back.

convert PDF to Excel

Step3: Apply and Extract to Excel

And then select the page ranges to apply. And click extract to excel to continue converting PDF to excel. Then if you would like to batch convert multiple PDF files to excel, then you should move to batch extracting section.

convert PDF to Excel

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