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How to stamp an image watermark to new PDF file when converting PPT to PDF?

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Do you have any software that allows me to convert Microsoft PPT to PDF? And does it enable me to add image watermark to the PDF file? If you have such software, can you tell me how to do this while converting PPT to PDF?


You can try A-PDF PPT to PDF. This software enables you to add one or multiple image watermarks to the PDF file generated from MS PowerPoint presentation. You can add custom text watermarks as well as image watermarks to PDFs while converting PPTs to PDFs. And you can follow below steps:

Step 1: Add MS PPTs

Start A-PDF PPT to PDF, and click "Add" or "Add Folder" to add Microsoft PPT files to the conversion list.

add MS PPT for converting Word to PDF and add watermark to it

Step 2: Add Watermark to PDF

After you add PPT files, click "Settings" and in the pop-up window, click "Watermark" tab, or you can click "Add Watermark" directly. Check "Applying Watermark" option and select one or more watermarks (Text type or Image type). Or you can add new image or text watermark from outside.

add watermark to PDF

And you can click "Edit Selected Watermark" or double click a watermark to edit it.

edit watermark

Step 3: Convert PPT to PDF

After you add watermarks, click "Convert to PDF and Save as" to convert the PPT file to PDF with watermarks stamped.

Convert PPT to PDF with watermarked stamped

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