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Is there any Service program cutting large PDF stream into individual parts?

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What Service program do you use to split up large PDF stream into individual parts?


You can use A-PDF Content Splitter Service (free download here) to cut large PDF stream into individual parts.

Set the service program by follow steps:

  1. Click "Add" icon to define directories: Monitored Directory, Output Directory, Log File Directory (Backup Directory);
  2. Select a Rule for splitting: directly choose rule saved before, or go to PDF Content Splitter Rule Editor interface to edit a new rule (a split rule defines split tags such as account number based on a PDF sample) and then save;
  3. Click "Ok" to save your settings, you can also "Add" more monitor folders based on different split rules as you will;
  4. Click "Start" icon to monitor the folders as long as Windows is running.




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