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Which tool converts PDF to image automatically?

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I receive multiple PDF files everyday, I have to extract the first page from those files to save as JPG format for easy viewing, which tool can help me auto convert PDF to Image with page range defined?


You can try A-PDF To Image (free download here).

The PDF to Image converter provides Hot Directory mode, which can convert PDF files written in some special folder into images automatically.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Select "Hot Directory Mode" and click "Next >";
  2. Define "Input Directory" (check "Include Sub-Directory" if necessary), "Out Directory" and "Log File Path";
  3. Choose Image Type, then click "Settings->Common->PDF Convert Range->Range->1" for just converting the first pages;
  4. Click "Start hot directory service", then the first pages of PDF files written in your "Input Directory" will be converted to images automatically.

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